We are My Bali Mask:
María Eugenia Blanco (Argentina)
I Made Sudirga (Bali)

The Story

“My Bali Mask started when Maria Eugenia Blanco decided to come to Bali from Argentina.
It was one of the steps on her path that was unraveling bit by bit, bringing by each step new discoveries.
By the number of encounters, Maria found her teacher I Made Sudirga. She started to learn.
Carving the wood, getting used to the material, the tools, shapes, spirits, sounds, movements of Bali.
With her teacher, she would go to find the right wood for carving, bringing it to the workshop and working from morning until night. Every day learning something new, discovering the sense of this art, discovering the spirit of every piece of the wood and how it transforms with her hands and wood itself.
Feeling confident and already being part of the Sudirga’s family, Maria has a partnership with her teacher to make wooden masks together, and to call this collaboration My Bali Mask.
After one year and a half of intense process of creation in Bali, Maria went back to Argentina to share her findings and work with people in her native country. From there, she moved to Berlin to study further mask theatre process in LISPA, and to share further her experiences.”


María Eugenia Blanco (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

mariaclases.jpgStarted her carreer as a hospital clown. This early spark led her deeper into clown technique and from there she started to explore other territories such as Buffoonery, Melodrama, and Neutral Mask.
She studied for two years at the EMAD: Metropolitan School of Dramatic Arts (Buenos Aires) specializing herself in “Acting for Open Spaces”. There she met the very well-known mask maker, Alfredo Iriarte, and started to go deep into masks techniques and mask making.
After she graduated, Maria traveled to Bali to begin to learn Balinese mask making techniques. She stayed for nearly two years, carving masks in wood and entering into the Balinese beliefs and conceptions of the world.
Maria returned to Argentina and began teaching workshops that mixed Balinese masks and conceptions with our occidental theater allowing the creation of her own and personal research of Theater with Masks.

Currently, she is living in Berlin and furthering her studies in physical theatre at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts).



I Made Sudirga (Bali, Indonesia)

IMG_6044Traditional mask maker Dirga come from an artistic family.  Grandfather and father where artist. Dirga have the art genre. His father, Wayan Regeg was a well known wood carver and dancer.  Dirga is the last generation with 10 more siblings (all dancers).
He started carving when he was 12 years old till the actual moment. He specialized as Mask carver learning with Wayan Regug (very well known, actually he is 93 years old) when he was 30 years old. Dirga keep carving and carving to go deeper into the technique and to find the right Balinese characters.