What is my own mask? What makes me free? How do I create a new character far enough from myself to be different and close enough to express myself?

This workshop will be a theatrical approach to creation through Balinese masks. We will explore these ideas through two avenues:

  1. From the body to the mask.
  2. From the mask to the body.

There is an inner exploration first, to recognize the body as it is at the present moment. Then we will break that moment in the creation of something new.

The workshop goes deep into awakening the inner spirit and exploration how the wooden mask affects each participant, and how each participant affects the masks. It is a unique approach to work and creation with masks.

For the Balinese, masks serve as a lighting rods-to momentarily collect a portion of cosmic energy, the vital life of the Universe. Masks are seen as aids not only in visualizing the divine powers but also in providing them momentary material manifestations. We will use these lightning rods to illuminate and free our bodies.

María Eugenia has been carving masks in Bali for almost two years.  this led her to create her own type of masks in order to simultaneously generate a rupture and an amalgamation between two antagonistic cultures: the occidental and the oriental world.


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